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Cece and her staff offer an amazing service of wellness mind body & spirit.? Cece?s caring way instantly puts you at ease. Not only does Cece ?genuine care about you as an individual she also is more than willing to? share ?her? knowledge in the hopes ?we, her cleints? will live up to our full potential to take control of our own? health.

?Beyond Cece?s professional, caring and giving way, is her unconditional interest to put you, her client?first and at the top of her list.? I am honored to have Cece treat me and to call her my friend.?

Recently, Cece presented me with a true testament of genuine unconditional friendship?.upon hearing my good friend Cora was battling a life threating decease and which is in stage 4, Cece extended her services to my friend Cora? . Cece stated, it would be beneficial for her to have a colonic and rid her body of all the toxic medication which no doubt had compounded in her body, making it difficult to release on her own.? Anyone, who has taken medication, is very aware of these complications. If Cora would be interested, Cece would schedule a date for this to take place.? Upon Cora hearing this she knew this would be a wonderful opportunity which under her circumstances she would not be able to do on her own.? Cora, was beyond elated and much appreciative of Cece?s generosity.? Cora mention to me, she completely made her feel at ease and it was one of the best colonic she has ever had. Cora could not believe that someone who didn?t even know her, would be so kind and giving.? I too cannot thank Cece enough for her genuine concern, ?generosity and unconditionally gift to nurture. Cece?s only concern was to give Cora the benefits of her services.? Oh and did I mention, Cece offered her services at no charge to Cora.

?Cece, you are an amazing human being so giving & caring not only of your services but your heart.? I personally will never be able to thank you for all ?you did and how much it meant to both Cora & me.? Your unselfish acts of kindness will bless you continuously in your life & your business.? Cece, you?? truly have a heart of GOLD!!!

?Thank you Cece.

?Your client?& friend Edy

??Hi this is Miriam Y.A. I must say that I feel relief!!! If you want to feel at ease, relaxed, and most of all comfortable while getting your colonics done you have to get it done with CeCe. Very caring, outgoing person. If its your first time getting a colonics don’t worry rest a sure that you will be well taken care of. Promise 😀

?I had my second colonic with Cece a few days ago. The first time I went to Inner Health Care, I had no idea what to expect. I had never had a colonic done in my life. From the moment I walked in the office, the waiting area was very inviting and relaxing. Cece makes the whole process of the colonic a very easy one. She said, “All you need to do is breathe and relax” — and really, that is all you need to do. From the moment I met Cece, I felt like I knew her already. There’s such a great vibe about her, very calming & soothing. During the colonic she explained what was happening, what I’d be feeling, why it’s happening. She’s with you physically, mentally & spiritually…it’s an awesome experience. I look forward to going to Inner Health Care and I’ll be there at least once a month from now on. It’ll be a part of a healthier lifestyle for me — I really wish I had done this a long time ago. I walk out of there feeling wonderful. I would definitely recommend everyone get a colonic at least once in your life. If you care about yourself and want to feel great, make an appointment with Cece.

?Hi this is Raquel, I must say that my experience at Innerhealthcare was a very satisfying one. I wasnt sure what to expect at the beginning BUT as I got my colonics I realized it not bad at all. Cece helped me forget that I was even getting a colonics. She was very gentle, informative & her healing center just welcomes you innnnnn. Its a great feeling place, not to mention I left feeling better, lighter & ready to take over the world. Thank you Cece & I would recommend Innerhealthcare to anyone. Cece will make you feel right at home.

? I have been to Inner Health Care in the past with the previous owner. This was my first time there with Cece. She was very professional and initiated a very relaxing and positive environment. I was totally satisfied with the experience. I will be coming back.

?Cece knows how to make an individual feel at ease with the process. I was told the first time I was not to expect alot of cleansing, but in my case it was the opposite lol?I look forward to a healthier me

?Life Changing in more ways than just getting the colonics. I too, was nervous my first time. CeCe?s positive vibes put me at ease! The process is very tolerable and one of the best ways to de-tox and get right from the inside out? My eating habits tend to fluctuate a lot and colonics really is a great regulator for that, I tend to crave less junk food after a session. I learn so much with each visit. Everyone at Inner Health Care totally Rocks!

?They are professional, caring and comfortable. I went to CC when I was sick. It was my first colonic and I was nervous. She made my feel relaxed and cared about. A very positive experience.

?Fantastic for Fibromyalgia I began my Hydrocolon treatments on Aug 18th. I have had 12 treatments so far. Throughout my life I have consumed a ton of fast food, procesed food, etc. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year. Guess what. After the third treatment, my symptoms of fibro are almost gone. I went from 5 -9 pain pills a day to ZERO. No more headaches or stiffness. I feel like I did 15 years ago at 25. Do this for yourself. Do this for your friends. It is not a gimic. Say goodbye to pills, pills, pills that never fix anything. On a personal note: Malia is my therapist and she is really amazing. She is someone who was helped by this treatment to such a degree, she is now a therapist. I may make the career change myself. Go for it. Your health is worth it!

?AMAZING! Thank you Cece and Malia! You have been a blessing in my life?your time, care, genuine concern and love for me have changed me both inside and out! Colonics along with New Spirit have been my saving grace by way of the two of you. I cannot wait to go out and spread the word, I am def. a believer now. May God continue to bless you so that you may in turn continue to bless others. Veronica

?I have used hydrotherapy for 20 years to manage IBS. I moved here from the east coast and was challenged to find a medical center that provided colonic irrigation therapy. CeCe has indeed been a good find. She is professional and provides a relaxing, calm environment for the therapy. I would highly recommend her.

?I love cc she is an amazing person. I?m really glad I found Innerhealth, I encourage everyone to try it.

?I am a first timer to Colonics. I was nervous and a little scared. I went to see CC at InnerHealth Care and was completely impressed! Not only was I cleansed internally, but also mentally and spiritually! She put me at ease and felt like a friend from the minute I met her. The sessions are 5 Star and A +. I will continue my regimens ONLY at InnerHeath Care! Thank you so much, David Petruschin