2015 is time for some changes. I took the first step after visiting Inner Healthcare. From the appt making to the being greeted at the front door, the staff is friendly and encouraging. After years of being under a drs care, in which they seemed to treat the symptoms but never the problem, I decided, that its my turn to make my own health care choice. Do what I think is best for me, no regrets, just moving forward. Time to start feeling good. Stress, anxiety, fear and bad nutrition were pretty much the staple of my day to day and it started to reflect in my energy level and in my skin. I am looking forward to seeing the differences that I am making by my choice with no regret. Cece and Gabby, made this first timer, feel comfortable and at ease. Will I be going back? Absolutely .. Heres to taking control of my own health.
Thank you Cece and Gaby.

Rosie E