My experience with Cece was amazing! I?ve always had trouble with constipation and after I had my babies it just got worse. For the past year I?ve had a healthy diet and exercise and just thought the bloating and constipation was just going to be my ?normal? for the rest of my life. I was in such pain my poor husband was looking up all kinds of ways to help me go when he found Cece and her ?great reviews. So I scheduled my appt the next day. My experience with Cece was amazing she?s so passionate about what she does at no point was I confused or embarrassed while with her. She taught ?me so much about body, mind and soul. I can?t ?thank her enough. She told me it?s okay to put myself first and ?work on healing me because I?m no good to my children if I?m always bloated and uncomfortable. I got my 3 colonics done and have been taking my probiotics and enzymes and I feel the best I have in a very long time! I have so much more energy. My husband and kids notice the difference. Thank you so much Cece and staff for giving me a life changing experience. Can?t wait to go back on a regular basis.

Jasmine Briggs