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Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Cleansing, Colon Irrigation, Colonics, High Colonics, Gentle water cleansing, whatever you want to call it, is a gentle, clean and relaxing experience. A soothing flow of filtered, temperature-controlled water gently circulates throughout the colon, coaxing your body to yield the digested toxins and waste that may have built up inside the large intestinal walls. Colon Irrigation, or Colon Cleansing is ancient, time-honored, gentle water cleansing of the colon. “Why cleanse the colon?” you ask, “I will never think about my colon. It’s the tail end of my digestive tract, for heaven’s sake”. “Sounds a bit gross to tell the truth!!!”

Well think for a minute. If you’ve ever eaten junk food, fatty food, sweets, caffeine, soda pop, chemically treated and preserved foods, processed food, too much food, too little food, or, in fact, anything that modern culture deems edible, you will benefit from colon cleansing, or colon hydrotherapy.

Unfortunately, we take better care of our outward body, which includes our face and hair and do not think much about what is going on inside our body. When the daily rigors and diets of modern life besiege us, the colon or large intestine becomes the repository of accumulated toxins which may disable the body’s purification system. The useless material ends up reentering our body’s bloodstream, getting deposited in our cells instead of passing on its way. Talk about Toxic Waste! As a result, we feel and act far below our potential. Once the impacted fecal waste is removed, your colon can begin again to cooperate as it was meant to. In this very real sense, a colonic is a rejuvenation session.

“Your Body” – the house you live in.

Your body is like a house you live in. A home needs repair once in a while. Every function in your body, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual is dependent on the attention that you give it. The elimination of undigested or fermented food and other waste product is as important as the proper digestion and assimilation of food.

Every tissue in the body is fed by the bloodstream, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty and so are the organs and tissues. It is the bowel that must be cared for first.” So states Dr. Bernard Jensen, lecturer and author of over thirty books on natural health care. Hippocrates claimed that chronic disease came from auto-intoxication i.e., self-poisoning due to constipation. Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, effective, hygienic procedure that assists the colon in transporting waste out of the body. Colon Hydrotherapy is not painful or embarrassing. For most people, a session (about 45 minutes) is comfortable and even relaxing.

The FDA registered, state-of-the-art equipment is a closed system. No odor, no mess and the waste is passed directly into the sewer system. The equipment is completely sanitized after each session. Only disposable hoses and speculums are used.

If one of the conditions listed below applies to you we strongly advise that you consult with your physician before getting a colonic:

  • If there is any rectal bleeding present
  • If you’ve had colon surgery you must wait a year before getting a colonic
  • If pregnant
  • On dialysis
  • Under Cardiac distress

How Important Is the Colon?

“Death begins in the colon.” says Nobel Prize winning doctor, Elie Metchnikoff.

The colon has been referred to as the sewer system of the body. If you neglect it, it becomes a cesspool. This affects:

  • The brain and nervous system which can make you depressed and irritable;
  • The heart, which contributes to fatigue and weakness;
  • The lungs, which can contribute to bad breath;
  • The blood, which can lead to unhealthy skin.

All of these are factors which contribute to premature aging of the body. Dr. Bernard Jensen said, “Every organ of the body is poisoned and we age prematurely, looking and feeling older than we should, the joints are stiff and painful, neuritis, full eyes and sluggish brain overtake us. In short, the pleasure of living is reduced”….

Don’t worry, there is a solution, detoxing your body.


I’m The Boss

When God made man there was only one, and the various parts of the body argued above who would be boss. The hand said they should be because they did the work. The feet said they should be because they took man to where he could do the work, and get the food. The stomach thought it should be because it digested the food. The heart thought it should be because it pumped the blood that allowed the food to be digested by the stomach and reach the body. The brain said, “No, I have to send all the signals to get each of you to do your job, therefore I am boss. The colon said, “I’ll show you who is boss,” and clogged up and would not let anything pass. After a few days the stomach ached — the hands were practically helpless — the feet could not carry the body — the brain’s signals were being ignored. To all this there is a moral….

Bathe yourself in warming Far Infrared Ray (F.I.R.) Energy in this easy to use Sauna!

saunaNow in just minutes you can enjoy the health benefits attributed to famed hot water springs and baths renowned for their far infrared and thermal energy.

This energy is historic for its ability to comfort the body and create a sense of wellness. Legends of this energy go back centuries, and come from every part of the world. In Ancient Japan, during times of war, injured warriors often took hot spring baths after battle to promote the healing of their wounds.

With the Sol Vita Sauna, you can simply step into the privacy of our specially designed reflection tent, that bathes you in healing light energy, reflecting the F.I.R. energy over and over again to ensure its thorough absorption.

The Sol Vita Sauna uses a patented technology consisting of 40 ceramic semiconductors that radiate beneficial F.I.R. frequency at 4 to 14 micron range, energy that is evenly distributed within the sauna by a especially designed “energy fan”. This therapeutic range excludes both near and medium infrared rays that can cause harm to the human body.

Patented Ceramic Semi-Conductor Radiators are auto-temperature controlled and will NOT burn the skin even after a long stay in the specifically designed chamber.

The benefits of this extraordinary sauna include:

  •  No preheating necessary
  •  Produces even energy throughout sauna
  •  Improves blood circulation
  •  Promotes cellular renewal
  •  Increases metabolism and wellness
  •  Induces profuse sweating
  •  Relaxation and improving one’s mood
  •  Burns calories without lactic acid production
  •  Revolutionary Ceramic Semiconductor Technology – the only one in the world!
  •  Safe for all ages

**not recommended for diabetics**


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