It Is Not Normal To Be Constipated?

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Let’s understand that pooping every 3 days is not normal or ok.??

Just think – if we eat 3 meals per day, for 3 days, that equals 9 meals. Yet we only poop once in those 3 days. Can you see the problem here?

The accumulation of old fecal waste in the body for long periods of time can lead to many illnesses. Imagine a home where the main pipes only flow every 3 days…. yuck right?! I think it is time we make some changes.?

Constipation is a socially accepted condition, but it is not ok or normal to be constipated.

Let’s do some research?on this subject and ask ourselves, “Am I suffering from constipation?” If you Google ?causes of constipation? you?ll discover just how damaging it can be to our health.? says, ?According to the dominant medical advice, moving your bowels as little as once every three days is considered normal, while, in fact, a frequency this low indicates severe fecal impaction, stool transit disorders, and chronic constipation ? the conditions that commonly precede enlarged hemorrhoids, diverticular disease, polyposis, and colorectal cancer.?

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Let?s begin 2017 incorporating some new habits into our daily lives.? Here are some healthy choices that have helped many of us rid our bodies of constipation.

Drink water daily:? Dr. Bo Wagner, known as the ?nutritionist to the stars,? suggests drinking one gallon (or eight 16 oz. water bottles) per day. With this goal in mind, even if you only drink 5 or 6 bottles per day, you?re still drinking an above average amount of water.


Make smart food choices: Using Dr. Bo Wagner?s book “Guide to Smart Food Choices” which focuses on eating according to your blood type. If you?ve never heard of this type of eating plan you can learn more about it by visiting our website at? where you can also read some amazing testimonials on our Client Testimonials page.?

Dr. Bo Wagner?s guide can be purchased at Inner Health Care Colonics in Riverside and at New Spirit Naturals in San Dimas.??


Exercise daily: Dr.Bo Wagner suggests 30 minutes per day, 7 days a week. They say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” right? When we don?t use our muscles through daily exercise, we can lose important flexibility and mobility in our bodies. Again, aim for 7 days, if you complete 6 you?re still above average!?

Take New Spirit Naturals Probiotics & Phyto-Enzymes daily:
Phyto-enzymes help us to digest our foods for better absorption.? Probiotics balance our digestive system and enhance our immune system. Did you know that 70-80% of our immune cells begin in our digestive system?? Taking probiotics and enzymes consistently is vital in achieving the best results. You can find these products at


Colon Hydrotherapy/Colonics: Russell Kolbo, DC ND.? I-ACT President states,? “Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs. By introducing filtered and temperature-regulated water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis. This process is repeated a few times during a session.?

At Inner Health Care Colonics many of our first time clients start out by receiving 3 Colon Hydro Therapy sessions within 1 week, and then move on to 1 session every 4 ? 6 weeks. It is with this maintenance plan that we have seen the best results with our clients. To learn more click here:

Use the Step & Go? Step Stool:? ?Did you know that squatting is the natural position to poop? Anatomically, humans are intended to squat when eliminating. The Step and Go? step stool is structurally designed to work in conjunction with your toilet and puts your body in the proper squatting posture for a more complete and a healthier elimination.?? – Step and Go?.? You can purchase yours at Inner Health Care Colonics or the Step and Go? website at (mention code CT1020???? for a discount)


Avoid Laxatives: Laxatives are addicting and our colon tends to work slower and becomes weaker the more we use them. We also need to be aware that some prescribed medications can cause constipation; be sure to read all labels.?

So remember It Is Not Normal to Be Constipated.

Pooping regularly is much more than just poop! Your body will be very grateful to you for taking action.

If you would like further health coaching or a more in-depth nutritional consultation you can call our Nutritional Advisor Marie Lyles to schedule an appointment.? She is a great advisor with a passion and zeal for health.? You can reach her Monday through Thursday at (909) 592-4445 and every other Friday at (951) 684-3938 beginning 1/13/2017.

We must remember that our health is OUR RESPONSIBILITY.?

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