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I am so grateful to once again be sharing with you.? This time I am sharing a story that is very close to my heart and soul.? “Colonics and I” is the topic.? I really hope that you get inspired, encouraged and motivated with this story. Remember that Our Health is Our Responsibility.

Click on the link below to read the whole story.? Please share it with anyone that you feel may benefit from reading a story such as this one. Colon therapist award

Colonics and I 7-2-16












Welcome to our Letting Go Blog

DR. Milam and I

I am grateful to be sharing with you? again.? Attached is the link for a very special story of Dr. Larry Milam and I.? It is a paying backwards story.? It takes a team to grow us all up.? I truly hope it encourages you all. ? http://conta.cc/20wehlV.dr. milam and i