Inner Health Care Colonics


4192 Brockton Ave., Suite 102
Riverside, CA 92501
(Parking entrance is on 12th Street)

Office: (951)684-3938 or (951) 801-9377 text our Cell 



We are conveniently located in Downtown Riverside, California,  on the corner of 12th and Brockton, our front door is located off 12th st, its in the back of the building.


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  • Maite Tapia says:


    I’ve been looking into getting a Colonic for some time now and I think I am finally ready, I am glad I came across this facility. I just have one question, I hear you have to be at least over 40 years old to do this. I don’t know how much truth there is to that but i’m only 25, would I be able to get a colonic?

    • says:

      Hello Maite for us its 18-70 years old we take. So your age is perfect! call us 951-684-3938 for more info! Have a great day!

  • Vanessa says:

    Hi I had a question I don’t live in California I live in a small town in Arizona & they don’t have places that do Colonic- Colon Hydrotherapy. I wanted to know do you guys only do these Monday through Friday? Or can those be scheduled on Saturdays if I live out of town?

    • says:

      Hello yes $300 up front but you save $60 doing the three. You have to come get all three done within 3 weeks to honor the price. thank you!

  • Marquise Lucy says:

    Do you have an open appointment for tomorrow or Saturday morning? Also, do you accept the visa fsa card.

    • says:

      Hello there sorry we just seen these messages. call us best to inform you better on our services, yes we do take Fsa Card. Call Us 951-684-3938 we can help you with making your appointment.

    • says:

      Hello Gabby go ahead and call us at 961-684-3938 ask for Bella I can help you make your appointment! -Bella

    • says:

      Thank you I’m glad you stopped by and took a look of our great benefits and our services here on our website. any questions feel free to call us! Have a great day! -Bella

  • Wilmarie Strom says:


    Im interested on knowing my blood type and eat accordingly. I live in Arizona. Can I be consult over tge phone. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and always feel tired or with insomnia. I will like to be healthier and lose 50 pounds. Thanks, Wilmarie

    • says:

      Hi Wilmarie Call us at (951) 684-3938 we can speak over the phone. I blood type you and you find out in minutes and I will show you the guide and educate you a little bit on how it works. -Bella

    • says:

      Thank you really Appreciate it. We want to make sure people are aware on this subject. Have a great day!

    • says:

      Hello Nancy This Bella Front office Manager. No we do not sorry but we take Cash, debit, Visa card MasterCard, Discover and checks. Hope to hear from you soon!

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