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At Inner Health Care, we specialize in Gentle & Relaxing Colon Hydrotherapy. Our clients are offered a painless and non-embarrassing way to begin cleansing the colon. There is no recovery time, so you can head straight to work!

All sessions include a relaxing atmosphere with Doterra essential oils, body stimulation and soft soothing music. We promise to “treat you with kindness and respect and encourage you to release with ease.”








  • Internal Environment Institute- Basic Level
  • Internal Environment Institute- Intermediate Level
  • Internal Environment Institute- Advance Level
Internal Environment Institute
910 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401
760-900-6814 | 310-576-6360

National Board Certified

International Association for Colon Hydro-Therapy


Advance Level Certified


I am very blessed and honored to have received the




Hello! My name is Cecilia, but my clients call me “CeCe“. I am a National Board Certified Colon Hydro-therapist here in Riverside, Ca. I have been practicing Colon Hydrotherapy since 2004 and I love what I do! I became a Colon Therapist due to my own health issues. As a young woman, I had had a laundry list of ailments such as migraines, severe constipation, cystic acne, high blood pressure just to mention a few. I was so sick on the inside that in my late 30’s I suffered a mild stroke, so as you can see, I was not doing well at all. Fortunately, shortly after my stroke I was led to a homeopathic doctor, Dr. Antonio Calzada in Tijuana, Baja California.

After some test were conducted, Dr. Calzada advised me that I was suffering of severe congestion in my colon. He advised me to return to the U.S, find a Colon Hydrotherapist and begin colonic sessions immediately. That was the beginning of my profession.

I booked 15 sessions over the time span of 5 weeks and I could see and feel my health improving. And after my 6th session, I really started seeing some amazing results! It was unbelievable to me how well I was feeling, so of course I started to research Colon Hydrotherapy. I wanted to understand why I was getting better, when I was not taking any medication whatsoever! For years prior, being sick as I was, medication was all I was ever given, yet I continued to worsen and worsen. It blew my mind that with colonics, all the junk and waste was being taken from my body with nothing more than water. That’s it! No pill, no potion, no patch, just water.

After a few years of research, and continued colon hydrotherapy, I decided I was going to pursue my passion-my saving grace. I suffered for so long with no help from traditional medicine. I knew I had to share with others what helped me change my life. I returned to school and became a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, and Nationally Certified since then. I attended one of the best (in my opinion the best) Colon Hydrotherapy Schools in California- “Internal Environment Institute” in Santa Monica.

I am continually expanding my knowledge, in an effort to bring the very best to my clients. The more I learn, the more I love my profession! I absolutely love helping others find the answer to their health issues, but most of all I LOVE PAYING IT FORWARD. Helping each one of my clients is so rewarding, for I know my clients will feel better just as I did and when they do, they too will go out and PAY IT FORWARD.

I am immensely grateful to have won the I-ACT Colon Therapist of the Year 2016 award.  I love my profession.  Hope to see you all very soon.

Cece’s Recipe for Great Health

1) Love God above All THINGS.

2) LOVE & be TRUE to yourself.

3) Get colonics done regularly.

4) Eat according to your blood type, food combine correctly, take your supplements daily-Make a commitment with yourself for yourself.

5) Drink a gallon of water DAILY.

6) Have family time, with those that Enhance, Inspire  & Motivate you but most of all ACCEPT AND  LOVE YOU as you ARE.

7) Exercise regularly.

8) Read books, watch videos, take online classes, have book studies on subjects that enhance your life.

9) Do all you do, with all YOUR HEART.

10)Do a cleanse at least every 3 months and juice or make a smoothie as often as possible, even daily if you LOVE yourself that much.

11)ALLOW your life to evolve into God’s Divine Plan.

12) KEEP an attitude of Gratitude.


Share this information with all those who you LOVE & want to see them in better health.

Enjoy the ride of  your Life!!!


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